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5 Pantry Ingredients For Weight Loss

Many believe the key to weight loss lies in a magic pill or a combination of expensive nutritional supplements. While some of these dietary aids have been shown to be effective, new research has shown many staple ingredients often found…

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Tips For Keeping Long Hair Healthy

Healthy, long hair is beautiful to look at and touch but caring for it can be a challenge. Long hair is prone to split ends and breakage, especially if you color, perm, or straighten it. If you don’t care for…

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7 Superfoods To Eat For Better Athletic Performance

Many athletes mistakenly think that they must turn to expensive health supplements and protein shakes to build stronger muscles and enhance their athletic performance. For example, most athletes want to be able to run faster and push themselves to do…

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Does Black Elderberry Extract Prevent Infection?

With the growing problem of antibiotic resistance and the unpleasant side-effects of taking them, more people are looking for natural ways to fight infection. One solution could be the black elderberry plant, a plant native to Europe that’s rich in…

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